Lacrosse season has started about one month ago and I love it so much. The girls on the team are so nice and so are the coaches. I am on defense and I get to play a lot at games and sometimes I also start the games. They say that I have good bodying and that I stay with my girl. Lacrosse has a lot of similarities to team handball, the sport I play back at home, so maybe it is a little easier for me. But I really love the sport. In the beginning I was really worried of catching and throwing the ball with a stick, but I have got the hang of it now. In girls lacrosse we wear skirts and then we need to goggles and a mouthguard and of course your stick. Gloves and cleats are optional but recommended. I never wore cleats before, so that is why my shins and ankles started to hurt. Last wednesday I even twisted my ankle really bad during warmup before a game. Now I have to stay out for about two weeks. I twist my ankle a lot, so I am kind of used to it and I would have been really surprised with mysef if I would have never twisted my ankle throughout the whole season. I am really excited to play again after I have recovered.

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Spring Break

It’s been a month since spring break happened, but it happened and it was awesome. We went to Florida for spring break. We drove down there with the car Thursday afternoon and then we stopped at a motel that night. Then Friday we drove the whole day to Jacksonville, Florida. We had to take a lot of different routes because we kept getting stuck in traffic and also the bridge in Atlanta was on fire and there was a lot of chaos so we tried to avoid that area. We arrived at my hostmom’s brother’s house in Jacksonville at 11pm. We were so tired but happy to be in Florida. The next day we spent the day with them and drove to Orlando around 6pm.

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Cheer season is sadly over now. It was so much fun. At first I didn’t think that cheer was a sport, but that was because I was thinking about high school sideline cheer and not competitive cheer. Once I started, I realized how hard it actually is. I improved so much. In the beginning I couldn’t do a cartwheel or my splits, but by the end of the season I had it pretty good. I’m really happy and proud of myself.

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1st semester & halftime 

Wow. I’ve already finished my first semester of school and I’ve already reached the halftime of my exchange year. Time really does fly by quick. I finished all my classes with good grades and I passed all of my finals. My schedule changed now. I have new classes, new teachers and new people. My first block is French III, then I have English II, then I have lunch, then I have black and white photography, then I have Civic’s and Econ and then I have Nutrition. I already know at least somebody in all of my classes. I’m really excited for my second half of my exchange year, but I somehow don’t want it to stop.

Wow. Ich habe schon mein erstes Schulsemester beendet und habe schon die Hälfte meines Austauschs hinter mir. Zeit vergeht wirklich schnell. Ich habe alle meine Klassen mit guten Noten beendet und habe alle meine Abschlussprüfungen bestanden. Mein Stundenplan sieht nun anders aus. Ich habe neue Klasse, neue Lehrer und neue Mitschüler. Meine erste Stunde ist Französisch III, dann Englisch II, dann habe ich Mittag, dann habe ich schwar und weiss photographie, dann habe ich Civics & Econ (Amerikanische Staatsbürgerkunde und Wirtschaft) und meine letzte Stunde ist Nutrition (Ernährung). In all meinen Klassen kenne ich schon mindestens eine Person. Ich bin aufgeregt auf meine zweite Hälfte meines Austauschjahrs, aber irgendwie möchte ich dass es gar kein Ende hat.